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This community will open next week. Feel free to join in the meantime.

We also have another moderator here, combatgirl1988, but she will not be taking requests at this time. Please be patient.

Some quick rules:

1) Please try to post friends only. This is not required, but it will help prevent theft of icons and pictures from outsiders. Public entries equal reduced security, enough said. Icons will be put in a seperate post, and each person will be messaged through a comment when their request has been filled.

2) Please Be Specific. We cannot possibly give you what you want unless you tell us down to the finest detail what you're hoping to get. Give us as many details as you can, or else you might not get what you really want. I will create a form that might help so we can get each order perfect. You are not required to use it, but it would be appreciated if you did.

3) Do not ask us to redo an icon. The whole point is for you to be specific so we don't have to remake anything. As the community is still just getting started we might be nice and consider fixing a few if they are sent back, but as things start to pick up we will no longer be doing that.

4) Since we have no intentions of tracking down everyone to check, we will not be picky and ask that everyone credits my work. However, to further prevent icon theft, after an order is filled I would like to delete the request. Please comment letting me know that you have taken your icon so I can delete it. After two days, I will delete the post whether I have received an answer or not. (I will be saving each icon though, so feel free to e-mail me for your icon in case you do miss it before the post is deleted).

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