Julie (combatgirl1988) wrote in shadowfox_icons,

Just dropping off a note...

Hotmail has been flaky to me, so if I don't approve a member request right away hold your horses. :D

Shadow's out of town for the weekend so I'm alone here, and I'll accept all requests (I should actually ask her why it's set up that way... would make sense for people to just join, but she's the boss. For now *evil grin*).

Thanks! :)

Editing to add: it's really your choice to use the form Shadow compiled or not. She prefers that you do, I don't really know... Things you need to remember are that I won't have every single font you have in mind, and won't always know where to get it, and that if you want it animated describe how. If your frames are different please explain to me what you have in mind. If I'm not sure about something you want, I'll probably go into your journal and ask about in the comments, though I sense Shadow's not as patient... if I don't get an answer in 2-3 days, I'll take artistic liberty. I'll only change and/or correct your icons rarely, so don't abuse that either. There is no limit as to how many icons I can make you, just don't request them all at once. We are only two people. Please don't request an icon for your friend - they can join and we'll make it for them. Unless of course, it's supposed to be a surprise, then it's fine!!

Wow, my edit was longer than the entry itself.
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It's closed membership so we don't have every weirdo on LJ here coming in and taking what they want... Which is why I though we'd put finished icons on new entries that are set to friends only... TO AVOID ICON THEFT! :P